Women into 45 years old to pay attention to supplemental nutrition, these 4 kinds of nutrition can not be missing!

As a woman ages, her ovarian function declines and a series of symptoms occur gradually as hormone production decreases. This is when the body has a series of changes, such as hair loss, emaciated face, decreased resistance, metabolism becomes slower, etc.. Therefore, women at different ages need to supplement their nutrition to keep their body functions, especially after entering 45 years old, they should pay attention to some nutrition not less.

What nutrition should be added after women enter 45 years old?

1、Folic acid

Folic acid is believed to be known by most women, in the preparation for pregnancy and early pregnancy need to supplement this substance to prevent fetal neural tube abnormalities. But after entering the age of 45, folic acid still can not be missing, because folic acid in the body has a role in improving metabolism, if the lack of folic acid will lead to cardiovascular and neurological impact, appropriate supplementation can nourish the nerves and improve the function of the cardiovascular system.

2、Vitamin D

Vitamin D can promote calcium absorption and prevent osteoporosis. Most women in middle age will cause osteoporosis due to the massive loss of calcium, which leads to leg and foot pain, so you need to take regular calcium supplements. But at the same time need vitamin D to promote absorption, in order to make the body replenish enough, so in addition to calcium also vitamin D, usually through the sun to supplement, but the sun light can not be too strong, will make the skin is burned.

3, vitamin C

Vitamin C must not be unfamiliar to everyone, it is an antioxidant vitamin, can remove the body free radicals, play whitening to reduce the effect of wrinkles. And vitamin C can also promote the growth of blood red blood cells to improve anemia. When women enter the age of 45, the amount of estrogen gradually decreases, and they will find that their skin elasticity decreases and they are prone to anemia. So proper supplementation of vitamin C can lighten pigmentation, improve skin elasticity, and also improve anemia.


Probiotics are also essential nutrients for women after they enter the age of 45. Many middle-aged women are prone to constipation and gastrointestinal discomfort. And probiotics can regulate the balance of flora, promote gastrointestinal motility, improve constipation. But know that probiotics need to be taken from drugs, or can be taken from yogurt, just to know to choose the activity, the probiotics contained in this yogurt to achieve the supplement effect.

Warm tip, women will enter menopause after entering the age of 45, when adequate nutrition can improve the body’s resistance and delay the decline of various functions. In addition to supplementing these nutrients, it is important to maintain a balanced diet, with adequate protein and fat intake, and not to diet excessively for weight control. In addition, while supplementing nutrition, you should also adhere to exercise to promote metabolism, improve resistance, and maintain the skin while also maintaining the ovaries and uterus to reduce the occurrence of various diseases.