What do women need to focus on for skin care?

As the saying goes, there are no ugly women, only lazy women, skin care is a mandatory course in a woman’s life, most women focus on skin care, but in skin care is also prone to fall into misconceptions, resulting in oily skin, dryness and increased wrinkles.

What are the misconceptions of winter skin care?

1、Wash your face with warm water

Weak skin cuticle skin and sensitive skin is most afraid of too hot temperature, which can cause capillary congestion and aggravate skin sensitivity. Usually use 40 ℃ warm water to wash your face.

2, immediately after the skin exfoliation

Most women pay special attention to skin care, as long as the skin is slightly peeling immediately exfoliated, in fact, this is wrong. When you find skin peeling, you can not use scrub exfoliation to remove dead skin, the first thing to do is to hydrate the skin and moisturize.

3, do not apply any skin care products

A part of women are sensitive skin, because the application of skin care products will aggravate the allergy phenomenon, so do not apply any skin care products, the result makes the skin worse and worse. Try to choose mild and non-stimulating care products, replenish moisture for the skin every morning and evening, and do a good job of skin repair in order to gradually improve sensitive skin.

4、Long-term use of light spot products

The most unbearable thing for women is to have spots on their face, which not only affects their appearance, but also creates low self-esteem. Many women will use light spot products to lighten the spots on their own, but this will lead to red blood. Spot lightening products contain exfoliating ingredients, which cannot be used for a long time. Try to choose a pure and natural method that will not bring burden to your skin.

5. Applying sunscreen without removing makeup

The sunscreen applied will adsorb other skin care products on the surface of the skin, just simply washing the face is not clean at all, not only affects the absorption of nutrients in skin care products, but also hinders the smooth flow of pores. So after applying sunscreen also need to carefully remove makeup, and then use cleanser to avoid sunscreen in the skin residue.

6, a few minutes before going out to apply sunscreen

After applying sunscreen, it takes some time to form a film on the skin surface to play its role in sun protection. Therefore, 30 minutes before going out to put on sunscreen well.

7、Put the skin care products in the refrigerator

5 ℃ to 25 ℃ is the best temperature to preserve skin care products, many people will put skin care products directly in the refrigerator. If chilled and still placed at room temperature, the alternation of hot and cold will make the skin care products esterification phenomenon, weakening its hydrating effect.

8, the mask time is too long

Many women do not want to wash off the mask for 30 minutes, that the longer the mask time, the more nutrients absorbed. In fact, it is not, the mask time is too long, the skin can not absorb the nutrients in the mask, but will make its nutrients evaporate, taking away the original moisture of the skin, resulting in dry skin, the mask time control in 10 to 15 minutes can be.

Warm tips

Frequent face washing will make the face become more dry, resulting in dry and tight skin. Generally wash your face once in the morning and once in the evening, and try to wash your face with warm water, especially for sensitive skin. In addition, makeup should not be too long, with makeup time of 6 hours should be timely removal of makeup, so that the skin relaxed and pores breathable, to avoid pores are blocked. Choose refreshing light makeup and timely oil absorption and make-up, otherwise it will make the makeup patchy and look very greasy, affecting the beauty. If you stay in a heated room for a long time, try to use less powder cosmetics. Give up makeup for a short period of time during acne, and do not cover it with foundation, otherwise it will make the skin worse and worse.