What do I need to pay attention to when applying a mask for dry skin in winter?

In winter because of the dry weather, many people will feel their skin moisture loss fast, especially women, prone to various problems because of the dry face. This time many women will be through the mask to hydrate. And many women think that the daily mask can make the skin hydration, but do not know that this behavior is not desirable, no matter when the mask has a specified time.

Do you need to apply a mask every day in winter?

As the seasons change, the skin loses moisture faster and the metabolism of the stratum corneum is slower leading to a decrease in the water locking function, which can lead to acne, dullness and skin tightening due to dryness. It is true that applying a mask can make the skin quickly replenish moisture, thus effectively relieving discomfort. However, it is important to note that not every day a mask can replenish enough water, but every day a mask will make the skin’s stratum corneum is destroyed, not only can not play the effect of hydration whitening, but also make the skin resistance to decline and more serious problems.

Generally speaking, the time to put on the mask has to be careful, once a day or once a month is not scientific. Since it takes 25 days for the skin to grow from the basal cells to the new stratum corneum, and three days for the new stratum corneum to gradually age, it is best for the skin to do a mask once every three days. This is because a three-day mask will allow the new cells as well as the stratum corneum to be replenished with water and will not cause problems during the aging process due to dehydration.

How often is it better to apply a mask in winter?

Generally speaking, there is no uniform time to put on a mask, most need to decide the time to put on a mask according to the different nature of the mask. For the mask that does not sleep, generally as long as fifteen minutes can be, if you use too long, after the mask dry instead of absorbing water from the skin. And if it is a higher amount of water mask, the essence contained in the more, you can extend five to ten minutes, so that the essence more fully penetrate the skin, but be careful not to exceed 30 minutes. The time to put on the mask is not only no hydration and other effects, but also make the skin is anti-absorption and moisture deficiency and other problems.

In addition, we should pay attention to the sleep mask try not to apply overnight, do not think that the sleep mask needs to be applied to sleep to achieve the effect. The whole night mask will lead to pore blockage, resulting in beneficial substances can not enter the skin and make the skin problems. And if it is a cleansing effect of mineral clay mask, as long as the dressing for about 5 minutes can be, this kind of mask cleaning strength is stronger, a little inattention will lead to the destruction of the keratin.

The most important thing is to make sure that you have the right amount of time to do this. Do not think that the more masks are applied, the better the hydration effect, the skin condition can also continue to become better, frequent mask will only make the skin in the damaged at the same time problems.