What aspects of skin care should you pay attention to in order to get younger and younger?

Skin care has always been a topic of concern for women, whether they are young girls or middle-aged women, all attach great importance to their skin. The skin is well maintained, and women in their forties look only in their twenties from their skin.

What aspects of skin care should be done well?

1, sun protection should be done

Sun protection is not just a simple matter of applying sunscreen. Nowadays, there are various kinds of skin care products, and we have all kinds of sunscreen. However, the sunscreen is also divided into sun protection factor, the factor is high is the sun protection strong. For example: SPF50 PA+++. If you’re indoors, you don’t need such a high factor sunscreen product. In the sunscreen with a high sun protection factor, the chemical components contained in it are relatively high, and there is some damage to our skin. So, even if you apply sunscreen, do not expose yourself to the sun.

2, the skin also has garbage, regular exfoliation to improve skin quality

The skin and the body have the same metabolic function, so the skin over a period of time will produce dead skin and other metabolic products. So, it is time to exfoliate and give the skin a deep clean to protect our skin. If you do not exfoliate regularly, these products will clog the pores and the skin will become rough and without moisture.

3, timely supplementation of nutrition as well as vitamins

Many people are troubled that their skin care is in place, but still no effect. The skin, like people, needs nutrition, and an unhealthy and irregular diet can also lead to skin problems. The skin is dull to supplement vitamin C; dry skin, peeling, you need to eat protein-rich food, such as: milk, eggs. This can make the skin is also rich in nutrients.

4, moisturizing work should be done

One reason for poor skin care is the lack of water, skin a lack of water, it is difficult to maintain hydration, the skin care products applied to the maintenance products are difficult to absorb, difficult to absorb, the skin is also dry, peeling. Therefore, the skin moisturizing work can not be done without. Skin moisturizing can try to apply a hydrating mask, 2 – 3 times a week, apply moisturizing essence every day before going to bed, so that the skin can also be hydrated at night, so that the skin is almost every day to maintain a state of drinking water.

5, bedtime skin care

Night is the best time for skin rest, then before going to bed at night, wash your face with warm water to achieve the effect of a clean face. If you feel dry skin, you can spray a small amount of water containing peppermint essential oil, which can keep the skin hydrated.

Skin care is important, but it also requires a lot of skill. The skin care is a long-term job can not be lazy, to develop some good habits of skin care, the skin will slowly improve. When giving skin care, choose the right method, the method that your skin can accept. Then, according to these methods gradually improve, slowly maintenance, rejuvenate the skin.