Is it better to use hot or cold water to wash your face? Different skin types have different requirements!

The face is the most basic cleansing of the face, it seems to be a small thing in life, but there are still a lot of instructions, without the correct way to wash the face, not only cleaning is not in place, but also cause damage to the facial skin. When washing your face in the end is good cold water or warm water, this is a lot of people are more concerned about the problem. The correct way to wash the face or not directly affects our facial skin quality, in daily life, many people do not have the correct way to wash the face, but also lead to many problems appear, and even facial acne will appear.

In the end, is it good to wash your face with cool water or hot water?

1, dry skin with cool water

For people with dry skin, it is often more suitable to wash your face with cool water. Because of the hot water face wash on the oil dissolved more fully, dry skin itself oil secretion is not much, if you wash your face with hot water, it will wash away all the oil, which will make the skin more dry, so it is suitable to wash your face with cool water.

2, oily skin mixed skin with hot water

Oily skin and combination skin people, facial oil secretion is more, cold water on the dissolution of oil does not have much effect, so for facial cleaning can not achieve good results. So for this type of skin type, it is best to choose to wash your face with hot water.

3, sensitive skin with warm water

Many people have sensitive facial skin, for people with sensitive skin, cold water or hot water on the face of the stimulus is relatively large, so the best choice is to use relatively warm water. This will not only clean the face well, but also do a good job of protecting the facial skin.

What are the misconceptions about cleaning the face?

1, scrubbing face with a towel

Now many people are still in the existence of the towel wet scrubbing the face of the phenomenon, think this cleaning faster, but also less work. But this is a great damage to the face, because the facial skin is very fragile, scrubbing with a towel, will only make the facial skin more and more thin, the skin also becomes more and more sensitive. In addition to towels, face cleaning tools such as wash sponges are also used sparingly.

2, excessive cleaning

Many people think that more cleaning face will be more clean, but this is not right. Within a day, the number of times to clean the face too much, excessive cleaning of the skin, will damage the facial skin protection. The facial skin will get drier and drier over time. For some people with oily skin, frequent cleaning of the face will make more and more oil secretion.

3, wash the face after natural air dry

Many people do not have the habit of wiping their faces after washing them, they directly air-dry so that the face moisture evaporates. But this will make the face of the heat and moisture are lost, the face of the capillaries contraction, blood flow will slow down, a variety of nutrients will be reduced, and thus the face will become very dry.

Facial cleansing may seem simple, but there are many things to pay attention to. Without the right cleansing method, not only is the cleansing not in place, but it will also cause damage to the face and affect the skin quality. Therefore, to have a good skin, you must master the correct cleaning method.