How to adopt the right skin care regimen for different skin types?

In life many women will buy a variety of skin care products and measures to protect their skin, all hope that the skin can get better and better, but some daily skin care but did not get the good skin quality they want. They are puzzled by the fact that the skin is divided into different skin types and need to be treated differently when taking measures to get results.

How to correct skin care for different skin types?

1、Dry skin

Dry skin is mostly based on hydration and moisturizing, due to the reduction of oil secretion, easy to dry skin and wrinkles and other problems, so the shape should choose the right cleaning products and sun protection when going out. In addition to moisturizing and moisturizing, you should also exfoliate, so that the aging keratin is regularly removed, which can make the skin embrace elasticity. Pay attention to the use of exfoliating products can promote skin metabolism, but also play a role in sun protection.

2、Oily skin

Because higher hormone secretion can lead to high sebaceous gland activity, resulting in excessive sebum secretion, this time the pores are easily clogged by acne as well as other substances. Most people with oily skin need to do a good job of cleaning and choosing the right face wash for them. At the same time in the daily maintenance to choose a refreshing lotion, and in the usual less greasy spicy stimulating food, these will stimulate the pores oil secretion, resulting in symptoms are not relieved.

3、Combination skin

Combination skin is divided into two kinds, one is mixed to dry, the other is mixed to oil. Mixed dry refers to the phenomenon of oil in the T-zone area, and the cheeks belong to the dry side. The T-zone is a mixture of oil secretion, and other parts also have the phenomenon of oil, this skin type in the usual to accelerate the metabolism of keratin, and go out to do a good job of sun protection, you can use a refreshing water cream to anti-inflammatory and calming.

What should I pay attention to when taking different skin care methods for different skin types?

1, choose the right product for you

No matter what kind of skin type, when choosing products to choose according to their own skin, especially facial cleansers, to avoid cleaning too strong.

2、Makeup should be moderate

Makeup will make all kinds of heavy metal substances hurt the skin, resulting in a decrease in skin resistance, so do not frequent makeup, and do a good job of removing makeup every day, to remove all the surface substances, in order to keep the skin good.

Warm tip, for women to skin care is a major project, only to take the right measures to make the skin continue to maintain stability. So know that you can eat more fruits and vegetables that are good for your skin in general, such as apples, oranges, grapes, etc. These foods not only help replenish vitamins, but also replenish water so that your skin will not have problems due to dehydration.