How to protect your eyes while playing video games

Maybe someone told you:move away from your monitor,adjust brightness,invest in a quality monitor,never play in the dark,take a break every hour,play less.But are these really useful for protecting your eyesight? These may only have a little benefit to vision.

When we live in a highly information society today, we can’t do anything if we don’t use electronic products. We usually start to contact a variety of electronic products, such as televisions, computers, telephones and various game consoles. Especially we often feel very uncomfortable when we play or work on the computer for a long time, because our vision is hurt by the screen light. For those who like to play video games and play games for a long time, we have headaches, dry eyes, blurred eyes and blurred feelings.

Do you ever feel like your eyes are swollen? Do you ever get headaches when you’ve been at your desk for a long time, and looking at the screen again is just NOT what you want to be doing?I want to tell you that the best way to protect your eyesight while playing games is to wear gaming glasses.

GUNNAR is the only patented gaming and computer eyewear recommended by doctors to pretect and enhance your vision.GUNNAR lens technology addresses all issues associated with digital eye strain,incuding:headaches.dry eyes,blurry vision,glare,negative effects of artificial blue light,eye strain and fatigue.

Maybe you will ask me, why do you know that this gaming glasses will must protect your eyes? Because I have used this gaming glasses myself.

I was getting headaches every day. I would spend my office hours at work looking at a computer screen under fluorescent lights, and then come home to stare at a different monitor under incandescent lights for another several hours. I noticed after a while that the headaches wouldn’t go away, and medicine wouldn’t help, neither would drinking a lot of water. I also wasn’t able to sleep very well after long hours on the computer, and that was screwing up my whole routine.

Then I read online that the blue light from computer monitors was bad for your eyes, and also kept you up because it tricked your body into some crazy things. I heard about this program called Flux, but I wasn’t a fan – I went to photo school, and I need a properly calibrated monitor or I will go insane.

I saw an ad for “Gaming glasses” years ago and thought it was a ridiculous new way of taking people’s money from them, but that changed when I finally decided to give them a try.

I love them. I wear them all day at work, and whenever I am at my computer at home. I no longer have any headaches, and my eyes feel great. I know, sounds like some hullabaloo, but they seriously fixed my head. They also reflect out that blue light I mentioned, and I can sleep better at night!

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