Fruits have good health effects on the body. What fruits should women eat in summer?

Many women like to eat fruit, we all know that eating more fruit is good for health, and can be beauty detoxification, for women who love beauty is inseparable from the fruit. Summer is the fruit season, is also a time for women to enjoy the blessings of the mouth, the following introduction of some suitable for women to eat fruit.

So what fruits can women eat in summer beauty detoxification?

1, blueberry

Blueberry is a healthy fruit, blueberry contains a lot of anthocyanin, anthocyanin is an antioxidant. In addition to containing a large number of anthocyanins, blueberries also contain vitamin c, sugar, acid, a variety of minerals, but also contains SOD, nikonic acid, flavonoids and other special nutrients, these special nutrients can play a role in anti-cancer, heart and prevention of brain and nerve aging. And blueberries are low in calories, which can play a role in beauty and slimming.

2, cherries

Cherries are rich in vitamin a, and very high iron content, but also rich in vitamin b and vitamin c and calcium and phosphorus and other minerals. Often eat cherries can play the role of strengthening the spleen and stomach and tonic qi, for indigestion and loss of appetite has a very good regulatory role.

3, dragon fruit

Dragon fruit has a good detoxification and laxative, to the role of liver fire, often eat dragon fruit can protect the eyes, can enhance bone density, the skin also has a certain protective effect, can play a role in the prevention of dark spots and other pigmentation, can reduce cholesterol, conducive to cardiovascular health.

4, banana

We all know that bananas can laxative, for constipation has a very good relief effect, and bananas can clear heat and thirst and lowering diuresis. Especially in the case of more fatigue to eat a banana, can relieve fatigue, can be timely supplementation of nutritional control, because bananas are rich in protein and vitamin a and vitamin c containing, and a variety of fiber.

5, cantaloupe

Many women like to eat cantaloupe in the summer, cantaloupe sweet and delicious, sweet but not greasy. The cantaloupe is rich in vitamin c, for sun protection and prevention of wrinkles is very helpful. Eating more cantaloupe in summer can prevent heat stroke and eliminate irritation. In the mood of agitation or feeling more fatigue can eat cantaloupe, can be very good improvement.


Lemon is the favorite of many women friends, because lemon is a beauty fruit, rich in minerals and a variety of vitamins, but also contains fiber and lemon cream, can play the role of summer beauty. In the summer, lemon water can be used to wake up the stomach and spleen and relieve the heat.

There are many fruits suitable for women in summer, such as longan, plum, plum, peach, etc., but in the consumption of fruit should also pay attention to the amount of consumption, do not eat too much fruit, eat too much at once may cause diarrhea, bloating and other symptoms.